Eingana is the journal of Environment Education Victoria.

It is published twice per year and showcases the work of environmental educators across Victoria.

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Each year, we seek contributions from our members and friends of members. You can see some examples below of the kinds of stories we are looking for. Email communications@eev.vic.edu.au to find out more.

From community educator Matt MacArthur

Storytelling: The most important skill I ever learnt

From Monash University, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies:

Sustaining the Sustainers: Emotional adaptation in Environmental Education

From Educator of the Year, Nicola Forrest:

Embedding sustainability in the core of our teaching


Australia is undergoing a crisis of waste - from the piles of recycling now sitting in warehouses destined for landfill, to the microplastics found in the depths of our beautiful oceans. We as a nation, are being called to accountability for our consumption and the urban wastelands we are creating because of it. Though there has been a past failure of planning and awareness, there are many positive ways forward in dealing with our waste footprint.

This second issue of Eingana for 2019, “Waste Not, Want Not”, is now open for submissions from all members and friends of members to contribute to. We’d like articles that highlight your stories and ideas that can connect and inspire people to change their behaviour around waste.

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