About EEV

Our Vision

Active, aware and sustainable communities

Our Purpose

To provide environmental and sustainability educators with a professional association that connects people and organisations to develop capacity for enriched, sustainable lives.

Formed in 1984 as the Victorian Association of Environmental Education (VAEE), Environment Education Victoria (EEV) is a not-for-profit, independent, membership based organization, providing leadership and a voice for the environmental education sector within Victoria. EEV offers professional support to, and promotes the development of, environmental education and sustainable behaviour change in both the formal education and community settings.  EEV does this through delivering its own initiatives and encouraging and supporting individuals and other groups whose environmental and sustainability education approaches are consistent with its own.

EEV is the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE). Learn more about AAEE

EEV and AAEE exist to:

  • Support members with advice and referral.
  • Influence sustainability education policy and curriculum development in Victoria.
  • Celebrate excellence through the annual Victorian Environmental Educator of the Year Award.
  • Lobby both Local and State Governments on environmental and sustainability education issues.
  • Represent the needs of environmental and sustainability education practitioners at state and, through our partnership with AAEE, at national level.
  • Identify and promote best practices and models of environmental education.
  • Develop networks, which enable practitioners to share experience and best practice.
  • Produce resources to support environmental and sustainability education practitioners.
  • Research environmental and sustainability education curriculum and policies, locally and internationally.
  • Deliver professional development events and conferences for environmental and sustainability education practitioners.

When you are involved with AAEE and EEV, you have the means to make the connections, find others who share your thoughts and approaches and gather together in meetings, forums and conferences. On the way through, you can shape education and environment policy and bring more and more people in active engagement towards that better environment. I am reaping great personal and professional reward through my involvement in EE, may it long continue.”

Greg Hunt – Life Member of EEV/AAEE

ABN: 51 290 873 970