Environmental Careers

During its role in supporting environmental and sustainability educators, the EEV has located information and made contacts which we think would be useful in the discovery of environmental careers. Environmental education is intricately linked to Environmental Careers. As the environmental sector grows, so does the need for more professional, skilled individuals to fill those positions. Although EEV does not offer general environmental career advice, below is some information on positions available and where to go to get help and advice.

Environmental careers cover a broad range of occupations, all connecting work practices with environmental processes at a local to global level.

Environmental Jobs Network (EJN)  and RMIT have produced the new Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia 2010. This updates and builds on the 2004 Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia. EJN also worked with Graduate Careers Australia to update the Careers in the Environment booklet. These resources provide helpful information about environmental careers in Australia.

Websites that list environmental jobs and sustainability education jobs include:

  • Cooee Ads advertises environmental education, outdoor education, park management and conservation based job vacancies across Australia and New Zealand. It also promotes conferences, workshops and training opportunities.
  • NRM Jobs advertises job vacancies and other opportunities in the environment , water and natural resource management field in Australia and New Zealand. Additional opportunities include tenders and consultancies, scholarships and courses, and grants, awards, etc.
  • Envirojobs advertises positions available in the environment management, natural resource, environmental engineering, environmental health and environmental science fields predominately in Government and industry across Australia.
  • The Environmental Jobs Network (EJN) advertises work and volunteer opportunities in the environment sector. It also promotes environment-related courses and other events and provides resources for environmental job seekers.
  • GreenCareer advertises environmental and sustainability jobs across Australia. It also advertises events and education opportunities.
  • Waterjobs advertises simular type positions to Envirojobs, but those that are water based.

Environmental Education Information

If you’re looking to go to university to further your education within the environmental field you can search for courses online. For courses in Victoria visit the VTAC website. For courses throughout Australia visit the My University website.