Strategic Plan

Our Purpose: To provide environmental and sustainability educators with a professional association that connects people and organisations to develop capacity for enriched, sustainable lives.

Our Vision for Victoria: Active, aware and sustainable communities.

The domain: environment and sustainability education and principles.

Environment and sustainability education is a field of teaching, learning and research that spans the natural and social sciences and is present in educational institutions from early learning to tertiary and in the community. This is a dynamic, trans-disciplinary field that continues to evolve in the context of the increasing system feedback, confirming that human impact on the Earth is threatening the long term sustainability of human life on Earth and the survival of many ecosystems. 

Environment Education Victoria’s ambition is to be part of a society where the community is aware and active in maintaining ecological sustainability. Environmental education remains central to any informed understanding and action towards sustainability. As a baseline, Education for Sustainability engages learners in understanding the interdependence between human society and Earth’s life sustaining systems. 

Achieving our vision requires a significant transformation of our social, ecological and economic systems, this necessitates illuminating unsustainable mindsets and behaviours and creating the learning opportunities for a transformation to sustainable ways of thinking and acting. EEV engages with a diverse, cross-sector ‘community’ of educators working informal and informal settings.

Our work is ecological, respectful, well-informed, practical, collaborative and brave.  

EEV’s work is conducted according to the following principles:

Environment and Sustainability Education involves equipping people with the skills, capacity and motivation to plan, manage and create change that transforms our thinking and awareness towards sustainability. 

Inclusive education
Environment and Sustainability Education is driven by a broad understanding of education and learning that includes people of all ages and backgrounds and takes place in formal and informal learning spaces. 

Systems thinking
Environment and Sustainability Education aims to equip people to understand connections between environmental, economic, social and political systems. 

Envisioning a better future
Environment and Sustainability Education engages people in envisaging diverse sustainable futures.

Critical thinking and reflection
Environment and Sustainability Education encourages individuals and groups to reflect upon personal experiences and world views, and challenges accepted ways of interpreting and engaging with the world. 

Environment and Sustainability Education recognizes community participation as critical to the collective shift towards an environmentally sustainable society.

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