Climate Change

There is a wealth of information and a huge number of organisations that can support you to explore, understand and communicate and change what is happening to our climate.

Understanding Climate Change


What can be done?

Innovations that improve how we live and work already exist. There are many things that can be put into place now to help decrease our use of precious (and limited) resources.

Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions is a climate change think tank, showing through independent research and innovative solutions how Australia can reach beyond zero emissions.

Project Drawdown 

Project Drawdown gathers and facilitates a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders and activists to assemble and present the best available information on climate solutions in order to describe their beneficial financial, social and environmental impact over the next thirty years.

Who else is making a stand?

Sometimes it might feel as though you are the only one seeking a change in the way we do things across Australia. You are not alone. There are many organisations and groups who are calling for greater action on climate change.

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) is a multi-faith network taking action on the most pressing issue of our time. We guard our independence so that we can remain uncompromising in our stand for what is right.

Climate and Health Alliance

The Climate and Health Alliance is a coalition of health care stakeholders who work together to see the threat to human health from climate change and ecological degradation addressed through prompt policy action.

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action

The Emergency Leaders for Climate Action group aim to communicate the seriousness of the climate change threat today, and that action to tackle climate change and prepare for worsening extreme weather can save lives.

Farmers for Climate Action

Australian farmers are on the frontline of climate change, and we can be part of the solution. We call for urgent climate action to ensure a prosperous future for rural and regional Australia.

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability

A global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development.




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