#sustainabilitybelongs in every class campaign

Let’s make sure learning about sustainability remains a key priority in Victorian Curriculum now and into the future.  

It’s time to spread the word about why #sustainabilitybelongs.

What you can do

Key Messages: #sustainabilitybelongs in every class

Sustainability addresses the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life. #sustainabilitybelongs

Sustainable patterns of living meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. #sustainabilitybelongs

Education for sustainability develops the knowledge, skills, values and world views necessary for people to act in ways that contribute to more sustainable patterns of living. #sustainabilitybelongs

Keeping sustainability learning outcomes woven throughout key learning areas of Victorian Curriculum F-10 gives our students the best possible opportunities for learning, jobs, careers and life. #sustainabilitybelongs

Informed Victorians understand that sustainability is a cornerstone of contemporary life and should be a cornerstone of our curriculum. It is essential to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy. #sustainabilitybelongs

Sustainable minds start at school and a sustainable mindset is a prerequisite for almost every 21st century job. #sustainabilitybelongs

Sustainability in the curriculum contributes to Australia’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. #sustainabilitybelongs

The Sustainable Development Goals reflect things that Australians value highly and seek to protect, like a clean and safe environment, access to opportunity and services, human rights, strong and accessible institutions, inclusive economies, diverse and supportive communities and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage. #sustainabilitybelongs





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