Great Grasslands Education Resources

Great Grassland Education Cards

This set of 52 cards feature the animals, plants and insects of Victoria’s grassland eco-systems.

The cards come with EIGHT activities to stimulate learning and bring alive the diversity of the grassland eco-systems.

Each card details classification, diet and trophic levels of Great Grasslands.

Only 50 sets available.


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Love thy Grasslands!

The remnant patches of Victorian Grasslands are amazing places. Did you know that they are the home to creature such as the Eastern Barred Bandicoots and Fat Tailed Dunnarts? Unfortunately though, Grasslands have a bit of a reputation issue. They have often been mistaken as disused paddocks or a pre prepared location to build a house.

With this in mind, EEV set out on a mission: to help the Grasslands through helping teachers and students to connect to this very beautiful and unique ecosystem in their own backyards.

Blending knowledge and appreciation of the local environment with the arts, scientific principles and concepts, numeracy and literacy, EEV have created The Great Grasslands education.

Download the free resources below:

Great Grasslands: A guide to education resources

A thorough overview of resources, books, excursions, organisations, nurserys specialising in grasslands relevant to Early Childhood through to Secondary. Download


Great Grasslands: Early Childhood, Foundation and Level 1

AusVELS Levels: Early Childhood – Level 1

Related subject areas: Science, Geography, Civic & Citizenship and Art.