CALD Sustainability Education Resources

Sustainability with Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities

Our Sustainable Home

Download: Our Sustainable Home 

Our Sustainable Home aims to assist ESL learners and CALD students in their understanding of sustainability in the context of their local community. The resource has been designed to be highly visual and participatory-based that incorporates story-telling activities to engage learners.

These materials complement a set of visual and audio-visual resources created for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities as part of the Sustainable Homes and Communities Program developed by the Banyule, Darebin and Moreland City Councils. More details of this program can be found on the website

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A Great Place to Live: Persuasive Writing Resource

Download: A Great Place to Live

AusVELS Levels: 5-8

Subject Area: English

Related subject areas: Science, Geography, Civic & Citizenship and Health

Cross-curriculum perspective: Sustainability

Other links: Addresses areas of NAPLAN

‘A Great Place to Live’ takes students on an exploration of persuasive arguments and sustainability issues in their local area.

Each lesson is ready to go and includes support materials, including a teacher’s guide, lesson slides, story boards and student handouts.  Within this resource, sustainability has been divided into six topics:

  • Save energy at home and save money
  • Eat well, live well
  • Recycling and avoiding waste
  • Save water, save money and protect our rivers
  • Sustainable transport, and
  • Creating a sustainable garden.

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